Each artist listed below has kindly agreed to provide us with images in line with the theme of the Congress of the EuroFederation of Psychoanalysis, PIPOL 10. They have agreed  to make the blog texts resonate by providing us with visuals connected to the themes to be discovered during these months of preparation towards the Congress. We wager that the images from these artists will enhance the findings  from each of the texts.

You will find these images on the websites of the artists as per the links listed below. You will probably make discoveries, find things you did not look for and perhaps make a bewildering encounter. You will reckon that the images from these artists, do not demonstrate; rather do they move, they pierce, they inscribe and they enlighten – quoting Jacques-Alain Miller, in the course he gave on May 6th, 2009, “Choses de finesse en psychanalyse”. We have also sought the poetic gaze of ACF Belgium colleagues the echo of which you will enjoy while reading the various texts.

Nathalie Crame


Assbane Yasmina : yasminaassbane

Baudon Dominique :

Baudoux Laura :

Buchel Valérie

Caruel Ursula :

Danloy Céline :

Dubuisson Hughes :

Hensmans Catho :

Kervyn Emmanuel :

Laporte Françoise :

Poppe Véronique :

Reddman Frédéric :

Rolet Christian :

Silski Rachel :

Simonet Pascale :

Sonnet Dominique : &

Swoboda Frédéric :

Vandenheuvel Jonathan

Vangor Sofie :

Von Thau, Philip:


Ombilic 1

Ombilic 2

Ombilic 3

Ombilic 4

Ombilic 5

Ombilic 6

Ombilic 7

Ombilic 8

Ombilic 9

Ombilic 10

Ombilic 11

Ombilic 12

Ombilic 13

Ombilic 14

Ombilic 15

Ombilic 16

Ombilic 17

Ombilic 18

Ombilic 19

Ombilic 20

Ombilic 21

Ombilic 22

Ombilic 23

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